Adult Substance Abuse 12-Week Recovery Program

Substance Abuse Assessment

A full bio-psycho-social assessment will be conducted along with the use of the SASSI-4 to determine substance use/abuse and life factors to determine which program will benefit the client the most. 

Case management coordination and reporting for ASAP, Case Managers, Attorney's or others as needed.

Substance abuse assessment and programs are not billed to insurance, however receipts are given for self-billing.

Call 804-244-0700 and schedule your appointment for your Assessment.

12 Week Programs and Fees

Groups are Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Substance Abuse Assessment $80
  • Psych-Ed Group Only (Tuesdays) - $40
  • Psych-Ed and Processing Group - $40 each group / $80 total
  • Individual Counseling $40

To Complete Program:
  • Attend all 12/24 groups or Individual counseling within 13/14 weeks (2 absences allowed for each program)
  • 3 Random Urine Drug Screens will be conducted during the 12 weeks for some programs
  • Intoximeter testing each group
  • 12 visits to church/AA sessions required as part of program

When individual counseling is not required:
Counseling Interns are available at no cost during the 12 week groups (during school semesters).
Pre-Licensed/Licensed counselors are available any time (see Fees tab for costs).