Parenting Support

Parenting is often referred to as the most difficult job in the world, but it is also called the most rewarding job you will ever have.

Many people strive to be the best parent they can be. Learning to parent effectively and lovingly are goals many of us strive for, however the challenges that accompany parenting can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, emotional, and feeling a sense of loss about our pre-child lives. 

Not only am I a parent of two college age children, I have spent several years working with parents and working in roles with children through Girl Scout, Boy Scouts, and school. Parenting changes as our children grow and move through different developmental phases.  What worked when our child was young will likely not work for the same child as a teen.  Understanding the developmental phases a child moves though and learning techniques that are age-appropriate can take some of the mystery out of parenting.

Also, learning how to balance our own needs as a parent, spouse, and individual person can be challenging. Parents often lose themselves in parenting and then struggle with loss and depression because they miss their "old" life. This is normal and it is okay.