Your Trusted Partner in Wellness

Our Mission

The Refocus Center is dedicated to providing affordable counseling and flexible hours that fits your needs, budget, and schedule. We are focused on providing mental health counselors and clinical social worker services that support the community needs of the Richmond tri-county area. 

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To this end, we offer FREE group counseling specializing in self-improvement and affordable individual or couples counseling that is responsive to the individual, cultural, and demographic diversity of our community. These group therapy sessions focus on anxiety disorders, depression counseling, codependency, and improving self-esteem. 

Additionally, we will strive to focus on advancing the counseling and social worker profession by participating with local Universities by offering Field Placement services for Mental Health Counseling, School Counselor, and Social Worker students, allowing them to complete their internships. In addition, we will participate in research that adds to the current social science literature. 


Our Vision

The Refocus Center clinicians and staff believe that good mental health is the cornerstone of personal happiness and success. Our mission is to help the people of our community achieve their personal goals by providing them with preventative and continuing affordable counseling and mental health services with counselors who have a commitment and passion for their clients. 


Our Goals

The ReFocus Center has three goals:

  1. To offer affordable or free mental health counseling and clinical social work assistance to the community, partnering with churches, universities, and other organizations. This also includes different types of group therapy services.
  2. To offer future clinicians a place to practice and refine their skills in partnership with their college internship programs, guiding them in the highest quality standards of clinical social work and professional counseling.
  3. To advance the science and practice of psychological treatment and techniques, supporting researches related to effective, practical, and personalized strategies for promoting emotional well-being.

To reach our goals;

  • We will partner with local and virtual colleges and universities to ensure that we understand the school and accreditation requirements for social work and counseling interns.
  • We will meet with local churches, community service boards, and groups that support people who may be in need of social worker or counseling assistance.
  • We will only charge a reduced rate, and, when feasible, offer pro bono services. In order for us to continue our work, we will make sure that funds go back into our center.
  • We will apply for grants that continue to support our goals and ensure the perpetuation of our services.