Social Worker Licensure Supervision

I have supervised social work interns from VCU School of Social Work since 1998, licensure candidates since 2010. I am trained through VA Chapter of NASW, listed on their website, along with additional training through Cross Country. Until LPC licensure changes in 2016, I also supervised Mental Health Counseling and Psychology Residents focused on LPC licensure. In addition, I have supervision training through the Association for Play Therapy, as I am also a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor.

I am open to discussion, available for individual and group supervision, able to offer support and understanding, provide meaningful feedback, am empathetic and flexible. I strongly believe in ethical practice and challenge my supervisees to maintain professional ethics as a priority in their treatment. I have clinical experience in a variety of settings including community services boards, non-profits, for profits and private practice. I am able to provide references if you would like to speak to someone who I have helped complete their resident requirements. 

I've been told some of my greatest strengths are being non-judgmental to working with people new to the field of social work, that I help residents think outside the box, and my well rounded approach to assessment, treatment planning, and communication with clients. 

I enjoy being able to support my profession by encouraging, training, and guiding future social workers. I would enjoy a chance to talk with you. Additionally, if you have a passion for children, play therapy, or trauma, I can give you some advanced experience through my group practice. 

Best wishes to you, 

Robin Hornstra, LCSW, RPT-S

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