Michelle Burke, MS

Psychology Today

Michelle completed her internship in professional counseling at Pinewild Behavioral Health; an outpatient clinic in New York, where she gained experience working with individuals, couples, groups, and families. 

Michelle has worked with all ages including children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. She holds a certification in substance abuse and addiction counseling as well as the National Counselor Certification. She is currently supervised by Connie Jenks, LPC at Grapevine Counseling and Therapy.

She specializes in Depression, Trauma, Military, and Nutrition, with additional focus in anxiety, bi-polar, addiction, anger management, relationship issues, and stress.

Michelle holds a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from The College of Brockport. She plans to continue her education by specializing in Equine Therapy. 

In her personal time, she enjoys exploring the city of Richmond, being outdoors, spending quality time with loved ones, painting, and traveling. Michelle has traveled to countries around the world and spent 6 months living, working, and traveling around Thailand and Southeast Asia where she gained more cultural experiences and personal growth.