Latausha Boone, NCC, LPC

Community Outreach Clinical Chair, The Refocus Center

Latausha currently owns her own private practice, We Help Others, LLC, which specializes in working with individuals suffering due to low self-esteem, grieving a loss, experiencing relationship and adjustment issues, adolescents having difficulties in that transition period of asserting independence, parents having difficulty with communication and setting boundaries and limits, and individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

professional counselor

Latausha’s approach is strengths-based, solution-focused, and humanistic. She utilizes techniques to include play therapy and expressive arts. She prides herself on meeting people in the here and now, acknowledging how trauma and life experiences have impacted their life today.

In her 15-year career of working in administrative positions in the private and public sector of the mental health field, Latausha decided that her life experiences as a mother and wife, coupled her a passion to help others, prepared her for her next journey.

In 2012, Latausha graduated with her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. Latausha completed her internship and residency with New Life Journey, Inc., where she specialized in substance abuse, and Family AriZen, where she specialized in working with adolescents.

She enhanced her skills as a clinician and has been a VA-certified court parenting education provider since 2014. She recently completed her training as a play therapist.

While Latausha has worked in the mental health field since 2000, she only recently realized that she finds the most pleasure in helping families and adolescents overcome difficulties and find stability and happiness. Latausha also provides group therapy for individuals experiencing challenges with addiction.

When she is not working, Latausha is a wife, mother, friend, mentor, coach, and an enthusiastic traveler. The opportunity to help further the education and training of future clinicians is an opportunity that excites Latausha as she helps colleagues build confidence, passion, and will for the profession.

“Counseling is the field in which we get the opportunity to build a society of passionate, determined, and competent professionals to encourage, motivate, and challenge others to grow beyond measure.” Latausha Boone

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