Affordable Counseling Services

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Cancellation Policy

  • Please contact within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment for all cancellation or re-scheduling. We reserve the right the charge for appointments cancelled or broken without 24 hour advance notice. 


  • Cash, HSA Cards, and Visa/MCards are accepted. 

Resident Counselor Fees  
(Ashlee Murphy, Brian Mayer, Marilyn Hembrick, Stephanie Smith, and Michelle Burke)

Consultation: Free (30 minute appointment)

Affordable Counseling Services - Individual, Children or Couples

Resident Clinicians (pre-licensure):

       $70 - Couples (50 min)

       $50 - Individual (50 min)

       No Show fee - 50% of session fee

Are you are COLLEGE Student?? 
Residents are available to work with college students for $30 per session. Just notify us when scheduling, and bring your current transcript to your first session. 

Sliding Scale (income based reduction) - Self Pay Only

     Earn $50k or more - 0% 

     Earn $35k - $49,999 - 15%

     Earn $25k - $34,999 - 25% 

     Earn less than $24,999 - 35%

Intern Session Fee

$25 per session (45 - 50 min)

some pro bono times available. 

Co-pay amounts accepted.

Benefits to Self Pay

  • Increased confidentiality
  • No high deductibles to meet  - check your benefits to see if Mental Health falls under specialty service rather than general medical. 
  • Copays are often $30 - $50 per session, our Residents can match that rate. 
  • No Pre-Authorizations required
  • No restrictions on number of visits
  • You control your services
  • Typically no wait... our Licensed Clinicians can have a one to two week wait. 

HIPAA Privacy

Licensed Counselor Fees
(Robin Hornstra & Jennifer Erickson)

Consultation: Free (30 minute appointment)

Affordable Counseling Services - Individual, Children, or Couples/Family Counseling

Licensed Clinicians: 

       $150 - Diagnostic Evaluation

       $125 - Session (60 min)

       $100 - Session (45 min)

       $50 - No show fee 

Additional Fees and Services

$250    Mental Health Evaluation for Court, Lawyers      (does not include fee for writing report to referral source)
$150    Substance Abuse Evaluation 
        (does not include fee for writing report to referral source)
$100 p/hr   Written Reports to Courts, Supervisors, etc
$150 p/hr   Court Appearance Fee


Insurance (Different per Licensed Clinician)

** Please call your member benefits to confirm. 

  • Aetna 
  • Aetna Better Health - PreAuth Required
  • Anthem  /  Blue Cross
  • Anthem Healthkeepers - PreAuth 
  • Cigna
  • Medicaid / Magellan
  • Medicare    (Robin Hornstra only)
  • Sentara / Optima Health
  • Virginia Premier

** If we are not credentialed with your insurance carrier, our licensed clinicians can provide you an invoice so you can submit your own claims (out of network) for possible reimbursement or you can elect to see them as Self Pay.