Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling connects well-researched interventions with Biblical counseling to provide the appropriate treatment that you need. Our therapists are licensed, or working towards licensure, with the Commonwealth of Virginia and profess faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We are committed to providing therapy that is not only clinically sound but also based on Biblical principles. We regularly discuss current research and what the Bible says about it.
People often turn to religion to seek help and counsel for many of the concerns that lead a person to seek therapy, and a person who is spiritual or religious may utilize both fields in the pursuit of healing or well-being. Therapy, a model of treatment for mind and body, is considered to be a more scientific or medical approach, a Christian or Spiritual Counselor, is able to inquire about the beliefs of a person in therapy and encourage that individual to connect with others in the religious or spiritual community. 

Two of our therapists specialize in Christian Counseling, Marilyn Hembrick and Brian Mayer. Our free 30 minute consultation can give you a chance to speak to them to ensure you would be a good match prior to starting therapy.