Ashlee Murphy, MSW / M.DIV

Ashlee has been working with children, teenagers and adults for approximately 10 years. Her warm personality and positive outlook helps her to connect with people from all ages and cultures. Ashlee has worked with individuals from urban, rural and suburban backgrounds, as well as with people who were raised outside of the United States. Ashlee strongly believes in providing person-centered treatment. She celebrates each person as a unique individual who has their own strengths, gifts and interests that can help with their healing process.

Ashlee uses solution-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy primarily, but she also incorporates art therapy, play therapy and bibliotherapy. Ashlee utilizes the principles of trauma-informed care to influence how she relates to individuals who are survivors of abuse. Ashlee also believes in incorporating techniques that affect the senses such as essential oils, music and sensory integration tools to create a more holistic treatment process.

Ashlee completed a dual degree program where she obtained her Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and her Masters of Divinity from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. Ashlee is currently working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist and obtaining her license to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Ashlee has a history of working with clients in crisis situations (i.e. suicidal or homicidal ideation), or those with self-harm behaviors, delusions, PTSD, ADHD, DMDD, depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Ashlee has experience with children as young as 4 years old, who are hyperactive, violent, angry, unorganized and disrespectful.

Ashlee works to help people engage in more self-regulated behaviors, decrease self-harm and angry outbursts, and obtain a greater usage of their coping skills.

Ashlee gains strength, fulfillment and joy through exercise, cooking, traveling, church events, and volunteering in her community. Ashlee is also a Licensed minister, who offers pre-marital counseling and officiates weddings in the state of Virginia.

“Everyone has a story. While I cannot change the previous chapters of a person’s story, I hope I can help make the current and the future chapters more fulfilling and enjoyable.”- Ashlee Murphy